Artfinder Interview

Q:Tell us about yourself.

A:I’m a 26 year old full time artist, based on the outskirts of London. As the first generation of my family born in the UK, my Sierra Leonean and Lebanese heritage has informed several of my works. I usually use myself or family members as the subjects of my portraits to evoke a sense of immediacy, apropos to navigating the intersection of my western upbringing and familial west African culture.

I’m concerned with making work that resonates with people that look like me or individuals that can relate to some of the themes that are depicted in my, at times, anecdotal portraits. I would also like my practice to afford the viewer a glimpse of what may be a different paradigm for them.

Q:Describe your art in three words.

A:Empowering realistic portraiture

Q:What inspires you as an artist?

A:I aim to empower often marginalised minorities through the exploration of identity within portraiture. Using my drawings to start an ongoing discourse confronting socio-political issues, specifically regarding the perception of various demographics as being of lesser humanistic value. With the disenfranchised often being undermined by mainstream media; which somewhat paradoxically reflects an archaic hierarchy of status similar to colonial ideologies.

Q:Who's an artist you admire?