Interview for Wells Art Contemporary

● Could you tell us about your experience participating in Wells Art Contemporary (the

call for entries, exhibition, prize, etc.)?

I greatly appreciate the effort that WAC took in response to the difficulties of presenting

the 2020 exhibition. Many online exhibitions can be disappointing, but WAC took the

time and resources to present a virtual exhibition which was as close to the experience

of being in a physical exhibition as possible. This made being part of the Wells Art

Contemporary exhibition an achievement to be proud of.

● Can you tell us about your shortlisted/winning work(s): anything about their material,

their story, why you chose to enter them…?

My triptych, ‘Where Are You Really From?’, is perhaps my most controversial work that I

have produced to date. I truly wanted to push the boundaries of using satire and humour

to inform the contextual rhetoric. Hitherto completing the artwork in 2020, I had loosely

sketched the idea and annotated it in a notebook years ago. I felt that the discussions

around race relations that were occuring last year made it the appropriate time for this