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Why I’m 'Bringing Art To Dartford'

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

The aim of this project is to enable people who would not normally have access or necessarily even an interest in art, to have an opportunity for some sort of engagement. Hitherto this project, this has never been attempted in this community and I hope that I can demystify the perception of art being exclusionary based on factors pertaining to archaic social class structures, as well as breaking down barriers of entry based on ethnicity.

I hope that this project can show the utility of art. Using ballpoint pen portraiture as a means of depicting the ideologies I focus on within my practice, can be an effective way of starting a discourse apropos to the aforementioned intentions of the work. The everyday pen is relatable and inexpensive, anyone can pick up a pen and doodle - this simple idea opens the door to larger discussion.

I feel that this discourse, regarding art being easily available & accessible to working class communities and to young people of colour, is crucial to empowering the groups of individuals that my work itself looks to represent and resonate with.

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