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Fou Ts'ong

Fou Ts'ong


This original ballpoint pen portrait, drawn on a 1965 issue of ‘The Record Times’, is part of my ‘Pioneers’ series commissioned by Facebook for reproduction in their new London headquarters. 


Throughout British history, the contributions and sacrifices made by pioneering minority Britons have been largely relegated to obscurity. I look to pay homage to such figures that rose above adversity and created significant change still emanating within modern British society. This series includes Dame Jocelyn Barrow, Fou Ts’ong, Dadabhai Naoroji and Leonora Carrington.


Chinese-born British pianist Fou Ts’ong (1934-2020) was the first pianist of his national origin to achieve international recognition. He became one of the great teachers of Chopin music in recent memory.His intellectual parents had both committed suicide, victims of China’s Cultural Revolution. His contributions to his genre are still felt in the UK and beyond.



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