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The fact that a new genre of music has emerged over the last twenty years, starting in London, has deeply interested Habib Hajallie. As 'grime' (the described genre) grew from modest beginnings to becoming internationally recognised. The pioneers of the genre came from poorer demographics of London and portrayed a narrative that is relatable to people from similar upbringings through their music; Hajallie pays homage to such founders through this piece drawn on W.J. Turner's 'English Music' text from the 1940s.

Although the artwork is monochrome, there is a strong sense of pride within the pose of the subject as the artist looks to celebrate blackness with nuanced mark making; as well as pragmatic placement of the composition. 

This work was Habib Hajallie's first award winning work, being awarded The Jorge Aguilar Agon award by The Fine Art Trade Guild in 2016. The work has a custom made frame from the guild.

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