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Unprecedented Facial Hair (2021)

La Route D'Emeraude (2021)

Wampanoag Power (2021)

The Painful Joy of love (2020)

Say Your Prayers, Eat Your Vitamins & Don't Be Racist (2021)

Conceited Selfie (2021)

Allegory of Self Censorship (2019)

Hajallie_Habib_Questions Of Our Day.jpg

Questions of Our Day (2020)

Habib Hajallie_Where Are You Really From(triptych)_45X21cm(total), Ballpoint Pen on Antiqu

Where Are You Really From (2020)

can I touch Your Hair (2019)

The Place of the Inferiority Complex (2018)

To Freetown (2017)

Folktales of Freetown (2019)

They're Pecs (2018)

Signing Off (2016)

The Salone Dichotomy (diptych) (2022)

Like a Monkey (2017)

Gbugbu (2015)

Freetown to London (2015)

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