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Allegory of Self-Censorship

The collaged texts from the 1940s book, Questions of Our Day acts as a means of contextualising the thought process behind the work. Within modern society I believe that social media has strongly influenced a generation to be overly cautious of self-expression; as our hyper curated profiles serve to present a version of one’s self that fits the status quo. Within this uber politically correct paradigm, individuals seem to self-censor opinions or presentations of their ‘online selves’ as to not deviate from on trend ideologies. This work depicts a figure with censored genitals, as to ironically not offend the viewer. The body language represents a duality of vulnerability as the viewer almost appears to be intruding in the scene; as well as that of bold defiance in a world obsessed with exterior gratification & validation.

This ballpoint pen self-portrait was drawn during the summer of 2019 in New Jersey, USA whilst I was an artist in residence at Guttenberg Arts. This work was exhibited at The 303rd Annual Royal Society of British Artists Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, February 2020.

You'll find below images of what was a rather daunting process of drawing one of my largest and most detailed works. I relished the challenge and loved spending 12-16 hours a day working on this for a couple of weeks in New Jersey.


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