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Milestone artwork Sale

Every so often there are moments in my career that really make me take pause and allow myself a chance to reflect upon my ‘journey’ (for want of a better word) thus far. One such moment and milestone occurred in October with my biggest ever sale being finalised. I am truly humbled to have achieved my first ever 5 figure sale of an artwork with ‘A British Hall of Fame’ being acquired by an important private art collection. This kind collector has also allowed the artwork to be loaned to the Watts Gallery, where it will live on in a historic home for British art.

My artworks are of a profound sentimental value to me, as I reflect my life within the work. Whenever someone invests in anything I make, I am still deeply moved by the fact that something I created with my hands resonated to the point where someone wanted to own one of my portraits, be that a print or an original - so whilst this milestone sale is very exciting, I’d like to thank everyone who has invested time or their hard earned money in my art practice over the years.


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