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NG Creative Art Residency

In December 2020 I was elated to have won The NG Art Creative Residency prize as part of the Wells Art Contemporary exhibition 2021. My three week residency in the summer of 2021 far surpassed my expectations. Nicky Ginsberg has created a truly one of a kind residency. I was greeted with a warm welcome and made to feel instantly comfortable within the magnificent Moulin De Greoux.

Every day I found myself in awe of Nicky’s beautiful home, situated in the picturesque Maussane-Les-Alpilles, Provence. There is something very special about the atmosphere within the residency; the artelier was ideal and still felt spacious even with four artists working there. With such glorious views just outside the studio doors, I couldn’t quite believe how fortunate I was to be there. A residency in Provence is every artist's dream. I feel immense gratitude to Nicky for believing in my work enough to invite me to be a part of something that I did not even conceive of as being possible at this stage of my career. I knew I had to make the most of it, so I worked tirelessly everyday and I loved it.

Nicky and Gabby (Nicky’s creative assistant) were also kind enough to show us the brocantes, art galleries and cultural sights within Provence; absorbing a broad depth of artwork from old masters to contemporary figures profoundly influences one’s art practice. I hope it does not appear conceited, but I genuinely believe that I have created one of my strongest works to date during this residency, the time to focus solely on art & culture was simply amazing.

Nicky’s passion for art, food and culture is a pleasure to be around, my fellow artists in residence & I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her, Edwin and Gabby. This was an experience that will serve to inform future works but also develop my making process, as the exchange of ideas between fellow residents was invaluable. Working and getting to know different international artists is one of the greatest and most unique aspects of art residencies. Though from differing backgrounds, the thread that connects us is an innate desire to create - this allows for in depth conversation and expression that is not possible in other environments.


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